• August 1, 2018
  • sruchlewicz
  • Offtop

Hello World! My name is Sebastian and I’m a web developer. Welcome to my blog. This is my first post ever so please be understanding 😉

I’ve thought about running a blog for a long time and finally I’ve decided to do it, soooo, here it is. What I’ll post here? Whatever I will want and whatever I will feel will be worth sharing with. This includes tutorials, software tips&tricks, events relations and some offtopics. We will see.

There are two things I want to highlight at the beginning, first, everything I will post here are my personal thoughts and opinions, so please treat them so. Second, I’m a terrible writer 😛

If you have any questions, comments – fell free to contact me or just leave a comment, I appreciate it.

Ok, that should be enough for my first post, see you later 😉

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